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Types of Heels – Styles To Try Right Now


Heels are a very common trend among women. Every woman wants to own a pair of heels which are comfortable and add to their style. They are good for your posture and make the legs look great. Their isn’t a woman who can resist a gorgeous pair of heels. Here are some trending heel styles which will leave you craving for them.


Stilettos have a long, thin and a high heel. They can style up your usual office and work wear or add a feminine touch to your casual wear.


They have wedge shaped high heels which are quite comfortable and eye catching. They can be combined with skirts and jeans to complete your look.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels fall under the category of short heels. It is a great alternative for women who find high heels uncomfortable. Even teenagers are fond of this type of heels.

Cone Heels

They have a conical heel shape which provide a unique and different look to you. These are the heels to try if you are bored of the usual high heels and stilettos.

Slingback Heels

This type has a strap that goes around the back of your heel. It is sure to give you a classic look. They even provide stability to your foot while wearing them.

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